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Community Meeting - October 9, 2022

Area residents filled up the Fairwood Library meeting room to receive an update on Fund Raising and expected Legal Fees. We discussed current legal fees and how to move forward. Our first court date is November 28, 2022. Thank you for everyone's participation and generous donations. With our citizen's involvement, we can continue with the legal battle.



Community Fundraiser and Auction – October 15, 2022

The power of the Renton community and nearby communities came together to save our Cedar River. The event SOLD OUT!!!! We did this while supporting our Veterans at VFW Post 1263, uplifting small businesses, and getting support from small businesses.


Special shout-outs to businesses and individuals: Renton City Council Member Kim-Khanh Van, Co-Chairs Bob Baker, S. Dutch Deutschman, Dr. Hugh Brown, Sue Edwards, Kathleen Baker, Mrs. Renton Ambassador/ Jennifer Brothers, Mrs. India USA Akshi Jain, Paula Sardiñas with WA Build Back Black Alliance, Nola at Nola's Events and Catering, Danielle Smith from Dirty Dawgz and Menka Soni, Jill Davenport, Tiffiny Wiley, Eric Brillhart, Mark St. Peter, Kaitlyn Van, Gentle Vuong, Kevin Pieczynski-Jones and Marvin Rosete. And a huge shout-out to the generous donations made by everyone who attended the event!


Our goal of raising $60K before the end of the year has been given a good

boost but is still short of our goal. We look forward to more fundraising events and getting the word out to more residents.


By working hard together, we will win this battle!

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