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While the thought of fighting a giant company seems daunting, in fact, citizens groups have successfully defeated the construction of asphalt plants in other parts of the country.  


There’s a lot that you can do:


1) Contribute to the legal fund.  


Far and away, the most effective thing you can do is to donate to our legal fund.  Our lawyer is excellent but good lawyers are expensive and if we have to go to trial to stop the plant before it gets built the costs will be high, to say the least.  Your contributions are tax deductible!


Options include:


Mail -  Make your check payable to:

Citizens To Stop The SR169 Asphalt Plant Legal Fund

PO Box 1052

Maple Valley WA 98038


In Person - Write a check at our community meetings.


Yes, you will receive an acknowledgement letter that can be shared with your accountant.

2) Follow us on social m.

Facebook is "Citizens to Stop SR 169 Asphalt Plant"

Twitter is "@NoAsphalt169"


3) Send a letter or email to King County’s permitting department.  


King County’s permitting department, which will be responsible for determining if an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required, is called the Department of Local Services, Permitting Division.  


Their mailing address is:

35030 SE Douglas Street, Suite 210

Snoqualmie, WA 98065-9266.


The permit application numbers are:  


COMM18-0014 and SHOR18-0032.  When you sent a note, request that an EIS be mandated for this project.

4) Contact your political leaders!


Contact your political leaders, such as King County Executive Dow Constantine and the Councilmembers of the Metropolitan King County Council, and demand an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be performed.  


If this plant is as environmentally sound as Lakeside says it will be, there should be no opposition to an EIS.  


Simply tell them “You would not want this in your neighborhood – please don’t allow it in ours.”


Contact information and mailing addresses are here.


5) Put up “No Asphalt on the Cedar River” signs.  


You likely have already seen these signs.  Putting them everywhere spreads the word and gets more people into the fight.  You don’t need an “official” sign – hand-made ones look great and they build awareness to our cause.


Head over to our facebook group and get involved!

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