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Despite over 10,000 citizens, numerous elected officials, tribes, municipalities and corporations opposing the asphalt plant, with over 2,000 pages of scientific evidence delivered, King County has issued the permit on 4/14. Please do not think this is over, Not by a Long Long way. We have 21 days (May 5th) to appeal the decision, which we will be doing. What we need now is everyone to let King County Permitting know that you as a taxpayer are against this ( or You can also email King County Executive; Also as time goes, if you are able, please donate to the legal fund. The posting how to donate is on this site. I will be posting our progress to keep you up to date regularly, and if you have any questions please ask. Thank You all for your support, and know we will Not quit until this nor any Industrial site is allowed in our community.

Thank you Everyone!!


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